Dominique CHAPELLE
President and Founder of the National Federation of the French Culture,
           Critic of Art, Expert in

Inspired colorist – Intense happiness of painting

NANA still paints with the spontaneity and the instinct of a child who would have grown right in the middle of a studio where paintings, papers, rags, wools and colors of all essences pile up. She is a painter of the feelings.

Her Art shows us an artist possessed by a concern of the compositions. Intensity of the page layout and the multiple materials which serve her immense imagination so well. Her paintings are nourished and vibrating of materials, even richer in colors than abstract works, in general.

All the inventive pallet of NANA gives birth to a same passion, dynamic like a salsa. The artist understood an essential thing: in order that a form has an esthetic value, it should not cause an emotion of beauty and of sublime in us, but she should satisfy to some major targets of the intuitive conscience.

NANA is stranger in the world of the traditional art and is mostly close to the Art Brut. She carries out a lot of research and uses a great variety of supports. Each form of character is emphasized, the used pallet is jubilant and irradiates. We are really in front of a work which reaches its greater autonomy, its most intense and most magic “modernity”!

Sensitive work, NANA lets herself taken by pure internal emotions and puts the Woman in all her splendor. She is inspired by the Woman who suggests to her the supreme harmony with the fabrics, the threads and the darkness of color, which show a breakthrough to the ultimate abstraction. The perfect mystery of the bodies and the faces will generate a long quest towards a mystical course like “Statue of the Mother“ and “Furtive Look“. These works produce an emotional intensity. A kind of internal accomplishment and of serenity invades you.

NANA TAMAMOTO builds while following the appeals of inspiration, seeks stylized or colored balances, the plastic consistencies or the decorative chains like “Personal interest “ and “Surrounded from all sides“. Through this Art, the artist reminds us that the imagination of the painter does not relate only to the color expression or the line characteristic, but above all, she is an imagination of structures forming a frame for imaginary. Each painting is firstly an arrangement of forms, a labyrinth for the look of the visitor who owes decipher all collages learnedly applied. It is a kind of theorem of lines, forms and colors which are superimposed.

This beautiful artist expresses her passion through a rare technique. A slow and patient work where the fabrics play with wool and gauze, to create poetic gardens and extraordinary dreams. By dwelling on it, one discovers in these palpable treasures, surprising and extravagant bas reliefs. NANA, with her multiple assemblies, reaches to make the collector to develop a privileged relation between the vibrating idea and the object. Sometimes she lets get away colors or she emphasizes the red or the relief: scratches, slashed lines, cuts, breaks, bulges, sprinkle the support like as many unvoiced comments of an unknown world.

But the figures, lively in the most extreme meaning, are the great magic of this artist. They impose their presence and the visitor becomes the interlocutor of a dialogue that they cause without any violence but on the contrary with a kind of evidence: -figures charged with humanity and going back to the deepest origins of the Art. -An universal Art, of all the continents and all eras.

The volume of the sculpture-paintings of NANA, we will never say it enough, reach to them blissfulness by raising the color to such a density, that the alliance between these two dimensions challenges us. The color does not simply decorate the surface that it covers, it is itself a part of the sculpted figures. There is also humor; a humor which does not make fun of nothing, a humor which comes from the joy and from the surprise which is not tired of meeting with the eternal youth.

The bodies of the Woman are shaped by sculptor way, as if the artist more sought to show more the movement of the expression than the result of the creation. She seeks to reach a truth of the Art with “tricks“ of the profession and thus she finds the precious moment where all is to invent, to restart! Creations which are not without recalling of the modern icons in a vast theater.

This artist is a charming lady. Her painting is happiness which carries you. She is an invitation to travel and to the life joy. Marvelous work to discover and whose success, awards and distinctions are deserved. To be followed with interest........

Dominique CHAPELLE
President and Founder of the National Federation of the French Culture
Critic of Art, Expert in Modern Art